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Sailing To Sustainability (S2S) is finally launching online, a long-time coming and how exciting a day today is: thanks for being a part of it!

We're setup to be an intricate part of the sustainability system in the marine environment.  We do this by working with athletes and organizations to improve waterfront and water-based communities; to lead our cities in building social capital, environmental stewardship and to help our athletes financially so they can get on the podium!

My musings on social innovation, the sailing system in Canada and North America, and systems thinking for a better (and more green) world will appear here at least monthly.  S2S is not just any organization, it’s a social movement for a better world.  I can’t wait to work with you – thanks for reading and please reach out and get involved, it really takes all of us and YOU matter!

Sail hard, sail fast, and never give up!

-Landon Gardner

Principal, Sailing To Sustainability

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