About Us

Welcome to Sailing To Sustainability!

We are building sustainable communities in the marine environment through the sport of sailing!

We do this through events and innovative projects!


We develop partnerships with organizations (for profit and non-for-profit), and create relationship with: sailors, young & wise sustainability professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes and urban socialites!  



  •  develop environmental and community sustainability programs in the marine environment focused around sailing
  • put on events and networking opportunities
  • facilitate design charettes and open space meetings for innovative synergies in the space
  • do sponsorship for events, athletes and programs
  • partner on on corporate and team building for full partner support
  • promote and support Canadian Performance Sailing!  


Our projects have included:

  • Growing Canadian Match Racing through the Canada Combat Sailing movement (for team racing, community club development and match racing)
  • Hosting the Canadian Match Racing Championships
  • The Yacht Cruise: spectating sailing during the Pan Am Games Sailing Finals
  • STEPS Centre: for a Toronto community Sustainability, Technology, Education, Engineering, Performance Sailing Centre
  • Networking Opportunities at our Nexus Summits for collaboration for water people, sailors and water based organizations!
  • Social events at Night Clubs and Supper Clubs: The Great Canadian Sailing Party 2015 at Cabana 
  • Founding the Green Sailors Network in 2016 - for Green Sailing in the Canadian Sailing Community
  • Founding Canadian Extreme Sailing for pro sailing on the world tour!

Projects we are Actively Developing and Supporting:

  • Canadian Extreme Sailing for pro-sailing in Canada, more details on our in-shore and off-shore program coming!
  • The Green Sailors Network to expand Clean Regattas across Canada, shoreline clean-ups and to support the development of a Sustainable Yacht Club Standard!
  • Water Culture 2017 Series, to connect all water people in Toronto monthly with facilitated meeting and events


As for who we are, what we value and what's important to us:

We value hard work, teamwork, and innovation.  We’re always on, sailing is a lifestyle – so too is sustainability.  We do it together, it’s our village we’re building with you.  We try new things, we take moonshots and we’re damn proud of them.  We’re a stand when the world sits down, we step it up when others step back.  Some say it can’t be done, we do it anyway.  We value integrity, because without it nothing works.  We value leadership, because without it and without you– our village, there is just no way.  And we understand the power of having those honest, velvet hammer conversations; to make things that don’t move, take on inertia that has never been seen, that transform us all and change our world. We are a community of leaders, we are listeners and we are the living proof that a sustainable world is a better world. We are simply starting with the sailing community and taking on the marine environment - with fun, play and ease!

We look forward to seeing you, to working with you and to co-creating with you the phenomenal in sailing and powerful communities in the marine environment for a sustainable more green world!

Welcome to Sailing To Sustainability!

-Landon Gardner

Sailing To Sustainability, CEO 


Sailing To Sustainability was founded at the beginning of 2015 and is located at the Centre for Social Innovation, a space for entrepreneurs doing good for people and the planet!